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Engineering Services

Our highly sophisticated solutions are engineered independently of any supplier and technology having the focus strongly at customer and process needs.

Our services will result in an optimal plant design based on our deep process understanding. The use of database-driven planning software guarantees high degree of planning quality. Without difficulties we will include on request CE, ATEX and cGMP compliances. Gaining insights and profound knowledge about investment costs, detailed planning and documentation is a fundamental step forward to your final turnkey plant which will be delivered and commissioned by our experts.


“Talk to our engineers and explore profitable alternatives to common chemistry!”



List of Services


MICROINNOVA`s engineering team is turning developed continuous chemical laboratory processes into your desired manufacturing plants. Starting with first steps such as piping and instrumentation dia-grams (P&ID) and a User Requirement Specification (URS) will allow to fully understand your future manufacturing plant. Furthermore we will also provide you with an order-ready or budget offer.


Our highly-skilled and experienced engineers design every single part of your plant systems. In the prepared 3D-designs we particularly focus important issues such as optimization of hold-up volumes, avoiding of dead volume, narrow residence time distribution and enhanced usability. Naturally cGMP- and ATEX-compliant designs are available for all plant systems. Microinnova will handle all of your concerns to realize your manufacturing plant.


This phase comprises particularly the processing of the order transaction, the controlling and monitoring of the plant assembly and the creation of the documentation. The plant commissioning at the customer’s site is done by Microinnova's engineers. Besides a plant with exceptional quality and process technology requirements, compliance with agreed dates and a complete documentation are important cornerstones of a successful project handling.



“Starting with a stand-alone Engineering Service, creating confidence and knowledge, committing to your final turnkey plant”





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