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Partners and Projects


Microinnova Engineering is a participant in the ONE-FLOW Research Project. The goal of the project is to develop a digital flow cascade machinery which performs all multiple reactions in one step these means in one Flow.

The Methodology of the Project is that instead using the machinery complexity “vertical hierarchy” (i.e., along the flow axis) it will be used a ‘horizontal hierarchy’ by compartmentalization, i.e. integrated biomimetic self-assemblies and modern switchable fluid structuring, along the footsteps of nature’s systems biology. For that there will be 5 cascade reactions developed: (i)4 synthetic flow reaction networks - 'Metabolic pathways’; (ii)1 flow cascade driven by automated intelligence - 'Signaling pathways'; (iii) 4 catalytic cascades -  1 bio-hetchemo, 2 chemobio, 1 fully bio.

For Information see: www.one-flow.org


Microinnova Engineering is a member of the COSMIC Project. COSMIC means Continuous Sonication and Microwave reactors for high-value product synthesis. This project is funded by the European Commission as part of Horizon 2020, the innovative Training Networks. The goal of the project is to develop resource-efficient multiphase reactions in the fields of organic synthesis and nanoparticle synthesis, intensified reactors that efficiently integrate milliflow technology with ultrasound and/or microwave actuation and knowledge-based assessment and decision methodologies to evaluate and select process-intensification technologies.

For more information visit: http://cosmic-etn.eu/, https://ec.europa.eu/commission


  BIOGO (in progress)


Nowadays the petro-chemical market in Europe faces a multitude of challenges and has to satisfy its environmental, economic and societal responsibilities. Thus discovering of innovative ways to provide novel and sustainable solutions is part of the business of the petro-chemical industry. There is a dire need to completely rethink the actual production processes and improve them with the use of cleaner technologies.

BIOGO focusses these problems and tries to improve production processes with sustainable sources especially biofuels. With the help of modern technologies, such as the advancement of nanocatalysts for biofuel synthesis and/or innovative reactor technology, BIOGO will help to develop this sector. Starting from bio-feedstock and arriving at hydrocarbon fuel within one system (Flow Miniplant) including all reaction and separation steps will be the contribution of this project. Thus the European Commission’s goal of maximizing the contribution of nanotechnology in sustainable developments in the energy sector is fulfilled by BIOGO.

More information visit www.biogo.eu


COPIRIDE (completed successfully)


COPIRIDE stands for Combining Process Intensification-driven Manufacture of Microstructured Reactors and Process Design regarding to Industrial Dimensions and Environment. Within the European research project COPIRIDE, Microinnova had cooperated with partners, such as Evonik-Degussa and the Institute for Micro-Technology Mainz (IMM), to develop the chemical plant of the future and its infrastructure.

COPIRIDE has developed a multifunctional and all-purpose plant platform with a very high flexibility. Multiple plants and reactors are integrated in compact format e.g. a container to be applicable for different processes at different locations. Maximizing productivity by minimizing set-up time as well as improving sustainability and lowering capital costs are goals which have been fulfilled by the COPIRIDE project and project members. Additionally higher process safety and energy efficiency linked this project to direct economic benefits in the range of millions of € per year.

More information visit www.copiride.eu


CAEC (completed successfully)


In the European CAEC (Continuous Annular Electro-Chromatography) research project Microinnova developed a concept in the field of separation technology together with partners like Novartis Pharma AG.

 More information visit: CAEC




Together with other companies Microinnova Engineering GmbH designs efficient processes characterized by “Quality by Design” (QbD).

Institute for Process and Particle Engineering - TU Graz 

Fraunhofer ICT-IMM in Mainz

Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering (RCPE) 

Institute of Organic Chemistry - KF University of Graz


“At any time exploring new routes to ultimately improve our core capabilities and knowledge”

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